INTERRA WINNER 202204 May 2021

The INTERRA Winner Show 2022 will take place on the weekend of January 26th to 30th in Rimini Italy, together with the Romagna Winner shows


The INTERRA WINNER SHOW 2021 has new dates due to the delay of the FCI EUOPEAN WINNER SHOW. It will take place on December 30

Judges list updated23 Jan 2021
Judges list updated

New judge added to the B list. List of breeds of A list judges updated

INTERRA WINNER 202120 Nov 2020

The new logo is published. Please share it

INTERRA WINNER SHOW Rules updated25 Aug 2020

Updates with the suggestions of the last general meeting

Judges list updated25 Aug 2020
Judges list updated

The list of breeds of a judge was updated


The Slovenian Terriert Club had to cancel the organization of the INTERRA show that was supposed to be held together with the European Dog Show, also cancelled due to Covid19 restrictions.

We are working on a solution and we will have some news soon

Judges list updated19 Feb 2020
Judges list updated

INTERRA Specialist judges list is updated

INTERRA Winner Show 2020 - Judges list updated03 Feb 2020
INTERRA Winner Show 2020 - Judges list updated

Judges list updated

Report of INTERRA's 2019 Anual meeting22 Jan 2020
Report of INTERRA's 2019 Anual meeting

The report was published

INTERRA WINNER Shows 2020 & 202103 Jan 2020
INTERRA WINNER Shows 2020 & 2021

The list of judges were published

Judges list updated02 Jan 2020
Judges list updated

INTERRA Specialist judges lists were updated with Croatian judges

TCP website30 Dec 2019
TCP website

The address of the website of the Terrier Clube de Portugal was updated

Judges list updated18 Dec 2019
Judges list updated

Judges list updated

New Article10 Dec 2019
New Article

New article on the Irish Terrier

Secretary Report published22 Nov 2019
Secretary Report published

The report of the General Secretary regarding the year September 2018 to September 2019 was published

Greek Terrier Club Seminar18 Nov 2019
Greek Terrier Club Seminar

Greek Terrier Club Seminar with Mrs Ekaterina Senashenko

2019 General Assembly18 Nov 2019
2019 General Assembly

The Agenda for the 2019 General Assembly was published

New article on the Lakeland Terrier07 Nov 2019
New article on the Lakeland Terrier

Check About Terriers page

INTERRA WINNER 2019 - Results08 Oct 2019
INTERRA WINNER 2019 - Results

The results of the INTERRA Winner Show 2019, held in Romania are published

Belgian Top Terrier Show 201907 Oct 2019
Belgian Top Terrier Show 2019

Entries for the Belgian Top Terrier Show 2019 are closing. See our shows page

New Article on the Airedale Terrier20 Aug 2019
New Article on the Airedale Terrier

The FCI standard of the Airedale Terrier, commented by Mrs. Monique Van Brempt, President of INTERRA

Spanning Guide for Russells and Border Terriers31 Jul 2019
Spanning Guide for Russells and Border Terriers

According to the standards, Border Terriers and Russell Terriers (both Parson Russell and Jack Russell) must be spanned. How to do it? Check our "About Terriers" page

INTERRA Winner Show 201902 Jul 2019
Interra 2019

The list of judges for the INTERRA Winner Show 2019 was published. Check Shows page

New INTERRA judge26 Mar 2019
New INTERRA judge

A new name of na INTERRA Specialist judge was added to the list

Border Terrier29 Jan 2019
Border Terrier

New article on the Border Terrier

General Assembly 201829 Jan 2019
General Assembly 2018

The report of the meeting was published

New INTERRA specialist judge20 Dec 2018
New INTERRA specialist judge

New judge added to INTERRA specialist judge's list

INTERRA Winner 202124 Nov 2018
INTERRA Winner 2021

INTERRA Winner show 2021 will take place in Budapest - Hungary in the occasion of the FCI European show

List of judges updated24 Nov 2018
List of judges updated

INTERRA specialist judges list updated with a judge from Belgium

New article about the Jack Russell Terrier23 Nov 2018
New article about the Jack Russell Terrier

Published a Lecture Presented By: RS R.N. FRANCIS-LITTLE

INTERRA WINNER'18 Statistics12 Nov 2018
INTERRA WINNER'18 Statistics

The statistics were published in

INTERRA Winner Show 201806 Nov 2018
INTERRA Winner Show 2018

Due to health reasons, Mr. Carl Gunnar Stafberg will be replaced by Mr. Luis Gorjão-Henriques

INTERRA General meeting 201806 Nov 2018
INTERRA General meeting 2018

The agenda and the report of the Secretary are published

INTERRA specialist judges updated10 Oct 2018
INTERRA specialist judges updated

The list of breeds of Mrs. Sonia Saraoz from Spain was updated

INTERRA annual meeting28 Sep 2018
INTERRA annual meeting

The General Meeting of INTERRA will take place on Friday November 16th at:

Hotel Mercure – Roeselare

Accent Business Park
Kwadestraat 149b
8800 Roeselare


T  + 32 51 432 000
F  + 32 51 432 001    
Twitter: MercureRoesel

On Saturday, November 17th there will be the INTERRA show and the EURODOG International shows on the 17th and 18th

INTERRA Winner Show 2018 - Change of judge17 Sep 2018
Judge change

List of judges - due to health reasons,Mr. Gregor Namestnik (SLO) will be replaced by Mrs. Andreja Ban (CRO). Due to health reasons, Mr. Carl Gunnar Stafberg will be replaced by Mr. Luis Gorjão-Henriques

INTERRA judges list updated17 Sep 2018
INTERRA judges list updated

Details of Belgium judge Michele Wauters were published

Interra Winner Show 201811 Jun 2018
Interra Winner Show 2018

Schedule with final list of judges published

Greek Terrier Club grooming event17 May 2018
Greek Terrier Club grooming event

The Greek Terrier Club will support the "GENIGROOM HELLAS ,3rd GROOMING INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION & GROOMING SEMINARS"  held in Thessaloniki,on 26th and 27th of May 2018, organised by GENIGROOM HELLAS- N.M.GEORGIADIS ,under the support of Hellenic Grooming Association and EGA (European Grooming Association).
Our Club will support the whole event and will honorably award the "best Terrier trim".
Furthermore, several demos for dog groomers will be displayed by very famous groomers and judges of EGA.
Particularly, Mr Umberto Lehman from Italy, Mrs Frenk Ilse-Kleton from The Netherlands , Mr Colin Taylor fron UK, Mrs Korina Verschuren from Belgium, Mr Fanis Chiliotis from Greece and Mr Michail Premtsis from Greece, are the main lecturers of the grooming seminars.
Regarding to Terriers, Mr Umberto Lehman (the president of EGA) will make a demo on a West Highland White Terrier trim, and Mr Michail Premtsis (Champion groomer and scottish terrier breeder) will make a demo on "Scottish Terrier Trim".
event link :

New article published - Manchester Terrier30 Apr 2018
New article published - Manchester Terrier

Is the Manchester Terrier an overlooked breed? By Teja Gortnar, Katington kennel

New article published09 Apr 2018
New article published

Interview with Susan Rodgers, Devonshire Airedales

INTERRA specialist judges list updated26 Mar 2018
INTERRA specialist judges list updated

New judge from Spain

New article13 Mar 2018
New article

A new article on the Bull Terrier's head was published on the website. This article was released on the INTERRA Yearbook 2017

Annual Meeting report08 Feb 2018
Annual Meeting report

The report of the General Assembley was published

Hungarian Specialist judges list updated12 Jan 2018
Hungarian Specialist judges list updated

The list of Hungarian Terrier specialist judges was updated

Interra Show 201812 Jan 2018
Interra Show 2018

The provisional list of judges for the Interra Winner show 2018 was published

Spanish INTERRA judges list updated03 Jan 2018
Spanish INTERRA judges list updated

Spanish INTERRA judges list updated

New member - Greece02 Jan 2018
New member - Greece

Greek Terrier Club was approved as a new member of Interra

INTERRA new sponsor EVG02 Jan 2018
INTERRA new sponsor EVG

INTERRA and EVG have stablished a sponsoring agreement. EVG will give to the members of INTERRA affiliated Clubs special conditions on Genetic tests. Please contact your national Terrier Club for more information on how to get this conditions

Slovenian Terrier Club Show 201802 Jan 2018
Slovenian Terrier Club Show 2018

The information about the show was published on the Shows page

Club Español de Terriers - Monografica02 Jan 2018

Secretary Report published05 Dec 2017
Secretary Report published

The Secretary's report reffering to 2016-17 was published on the website. Check report's page

Annual Meeting 201705 Dec 2017
Annual Meeting 2017

The agenda for the anual meeting is published. Check report's page

Interra Winner show 201715 May 2017

The BOB results were posted, check shows page

Monografica Clube Español de Terriers07 Mar 2017
Monografica Clube Español de Terriers

The meeting report of the 2016 General Meeting was published27 Jan 2017
The meeting report of the 2016 General Meeting was published

Check on Reports page

Terrier Club de Portugal shows 201720 Jan 2017
Terrier Club de Portugal shows 2017

Schedules of the Regional speciality show in Fundão, near the border with Spain, in March, and the Monográfica, National Speciality and Mandatory Championship point in Sintra in July, available at Show page

Interra Show Rules02 Jan 2017
Interra Show Rules

The ammendment of paragraph 6 of the Interra Winner Show rules approved at the General Metting of 2016, was published. Check Rules page

Board 2017-201902 Jan 2017
Board 2017-2019

The board for the trienium 2017-2019, elected at the General Meeting 2016 is now published

Invitation on Interra Winner Show 2017 and Seminars24 Nov 2016
Invitation on Interra Winner Show 2017 and Seminars

Slovene Terrier Club (SKT) organizes, for the first time in Slovene
history, International terrier dog show - INTERRA 2017 that takes place on
Easter Monday, 17th April 2017. On this occasion, we
would like to invite all terrier lovers to apply and join us at this kindly
ceremony and as well visit official website, where can
be found additional details.
Easter weekend will be also enriched with GALA DINNER and EXPERTIESED
SYMPOSIUM and two International dog shows CACIB MARIBOR and CACIB POHORJE,
which details can be found on under tab EXHIBITORS.
All dog lovers are cordially invited to all three events and to enjoy in
pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
Der slowenische Terrierklub SKT richtet zum ersten Mal in der slowenischen
Geschichte die internationale Terrier Hundeschau INTERRA 2017 aus. Termin
ist Ostermontag, der 17. April 2017. Zu diesem Ereignis möchten wir alle
Terrierliebhaber einladen sich anzumelden und an der Veranstaltung
teilzunehmen. Auf der offiziellen Webseite
weitere Informationen erhältlich.
Das Osterwochenende wird zusätzlich bereichert durch GALA ABENDESSEN und
SYMPOSIUM und zwei internationale Hundeausstellungen, CACIB MARIBOR und
zu denen Details auf unter der Rubrik EXHIBITORS zu
finden sind.
Alle Hundeliebhaber sind zu allen drei Veranstaltungen herzlich eingeladen,
die Ausstellungen in angenehmer und entspannter Atmosphäre zu genießen.

Report15 Nov 2016

The report of the General Secretary was published

Judges list updated02 Nov 2016
Judges list updated

Uptaded the list of Spanish Interra Specialist judges

Interra show 201728 Oct 2016
Interra show 2017

The new presentation for the Interra Winner show 2017 with the Schedule and judges was updated. Please check Show page:

Agenda for 201616 Oct 2016
Agenda for 2016

5The Agenda for the 2016th General Meeting was published. It will take place on the 18th November, Friday, at 4 PM (17h00) côté du hall 6 de KORTRIJK XPO. Check Reports page

Standards10 Oct 2016

The updated FCI standards are published in the Breeds page

Interra show 201718 Mar 2016
Interra show 2017

Schedule and judge's list for Interra show in Slovenja. Check shows page

2015 Anual meeting report published07 Mar 2016
2015 Anual meeting report published

Meeting Report:

Portuguese National Speciality 201607 Mar 2016
Portuguese National Speciality 2016

Schedule of the Portuguese National Speciality available

Interra Show 201602 Feb 2016
Interra Show 2016

Szilvásvárad Shows 201625 Dec 2015
Szilvásvárad Shows 2016

On May 14th to 16th there will be held the International shows of Szilvásvárad in Hungary. In conjunction there will be organized the European Fox-Terrier Winner show and the European Jack Russell & Parson Russell Winner shows. To be noted that the Russell Terriers will be judged for the first time with separate classes for Smooth coats and Broken & Wire coats, as suggested by Interra.

Check the show page for the program of the shows

Interra General Meeting 2015 - agenda18 Dec 2015
Interra General Meeting 2015 - agenda

The agenda of the meeting is now available in the "Reports"

Spanish Speciality Show 2016 (Monografica)20 Nov 2015
Spanish Speciality Show 2016 (Monografica)

The information about the Spanish Terrier Club show for 2016 can be seen at

Annual Meeting 201517 Oct 2015
Annual Meeting 2015

The General Meeting will take place at NH Airport Hotel in Brussells, 14, De Kleetlaan, B‑1831 Diegem -  Brussels (Belgium) on 18th December 2015 at 6.00 p.m.

Please send us suggestions for the agenda!

Interra Show 201503 Feb 2015
Interra Show 2015

The program can be downloaded from here

Anual Meeting 201414 Nov 2014
Anual Meeting 2014

The Agenda for the INTERRA General Meeting of 2014 has been made available.

Download it here

General Meeting of 201405 Nov 2014
General Meeting of 2014

The General Meeting will take place at NH Airport Hotel in Brussells, 14, De Kleetlaan, B‑1831 Diegem -  Brussels (Belgium) on 5th December 2014 at 6.00 p.m.

Annual Meeting Reports11 Sep 2014
Annual Meeting Reports

Annual Meeting Reports have been made available.

Your can find them here.

New website10 Sep 2014
New website

We are pleased to announce the upgrade of Interra's website.

Based on eZ Publish technology, the new site is now more scalable then never and will be updated often with all information concerning Interra's activities.