Greek Terrier Club grooming event17 May 2018
Greek Terrier Club grooming event

The Greek Terrier Club will support the "GENIGROOM HELLAS ,3rd GROOMING INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION & GROOMING SEMINARS"  held in Thessaloniki,on 26th and 27th of May 2018, organised by GENIGROOM HELLAS- N.M.GEORGIADIS ,under the support of Hellenic Grooming Association and EGA (European Grooming Association).
Our Club will support the whole event and will honorably award the "best Terrier trim".
Furthermore, several demos for dog groomers will be displayed by very famous groomers and judges of EGA.
Particularly, Mr Umberto Lehman from Italy, Mrs Frenk Ilse-Kleton from The Netherlands , Mr Colin Taylor fron UK, Mrs Korina Verschuren from Belgium, Mr Fanis Chiliotis from Greece and Mr Michail Premtsis from Greece, are the main lecturers of the grooming seminars.
Regarding to Terriers, Mr Umberto Lehman (the president of EGA) will make a demo on a West Highland White Terrier trim, and Mr Michail Premtsis (Champion groomer and scottish terrier breeder) will make a demo on "Scottish Terrier Trim".
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