Rules for the organization of the INTERRA SHOW

  1. Rules for the organization of the INTERRA SHOW

1. The demand for an "INTERRA show" must arrive at least two months before the General assembly, at the secretary of "Interra", by recommended letter.

2. The "INTERRA shows" will always be nominated three years in advance by the General Assembly.

3. In case of more than one candidature, the "INTERRA show" will be nominated by secret votes at the General assembly of "INTERRA".

Vote by proxy is permitted.

4. In the years that the FCI World Show and the FCI European Show are organized by two countries that are members of Interra, and if both those members apply to organize the Interra Show, it can be granted an extra Interra show, called Interra Euro-Winner to the applying member whose country is organizing the FCI European show.

In the year that these two shows are organized, there should be organized with the second show, a "Supreme BIS" gathering the BIS and Junior BIS winners of both shows (Interra and Interra Euro-Winner). Interra will pay for the show entries and Hotel expenses (4 stars) of the BIS and Junior BIS winners of the first show at the second show. Travelling expenses are paid by the exhibitor.

On Special Occasions, and by request, it can be granted to our members in Latin America the possibility to organize the Interra Americas Winner. The same can be granted to members of other continents that have joined INTERRA.

5. The nominated country should pay the amount of three member Years in advance to the treasurer of INTERRA.

6. The Terrier club of the guest country nominates itself the judges for the "INTERRA show". The majority of the Judges must be Terrier Specialists and come from an INTERRA member countries, and listed on INTERRA judges list indicated by the members, and it is accepted the exception for judges from outside FCI (UK, Australia, USA). BIS should be judged by a


judge from an INTERRA country and listed on the INTERRA judges list.

Terrier Specialists are the judges that breed or have bred/owned handled successfully Terriers

The judges list must be approved by the Board of Interra, prior to be published.

7. This Terrier club itself has the responsibility for the entry forms the catalogues, cups and rosettes for the winners, the accommodation and travelling costs for their judges.

8. The country member organizing of the "INTERRA show" itself, will develop a special entry form with the title:

INTERRA show, International Association for all Terrier clubs.

This title must be placed on top of the application form.

9. The guest country must keep the secretariat of "INTERRA" informed about the preparations and the realization of the "INTERRA show". The board of INTERRA will nominate an official Delegate that will help the hosting Terrier Club with subjects on the organization and attend to the show.

10. The PM with all information about the show and entry form must be sent to the webmaster, at least six month before the show, for publishing on the "INTERRA" website.

11. The guest country will buy a large Cup for the "Supreme Winner" of BIS, with a graved placket on, indicating:


- International Organisation for all Terrier clubs.

The place and the date of the show.

12. The INTERRA flag should be delivered by the hosting country to the representative of the country of the next INTERRA show, on a ceremony on the main ring just before BIS.

13. The INTERRA Association will offer the amount of 125. - Euro for the payment of the cup. An invoice has to be sent to the treasurer.

14. At the show should be offered a drink for the terrier friends. "INTERRA" will provide the amount of 125.- Euro for this drink. The organization should also provide a stand for Interra, and a person to give information about Interra activities, next events and members.

15. Each exhibitor will get a Diploma telling the qualification obtained by the dog. The "INTERRA" emblem will decorate this diploma. The place and the date of the show must be indicated on it.


16. It is recommended that the country has a C.A.C. ticket, from the K.C. of the country the guest INTERRA member will depend, for dogs and bitches in each Terrier breed.

There will be an:

a. " INTERRA Winner" for dogs and bitches.

b. " INTERRA Junior Winner" for dogs and bitches.

c. " INTERRA Veteran Winner" for dogs and bitches.

d. " INTERRA Puppy Winner" for dogs and bitches.

e. "INTERRA Promise" for dogs and bitches in baby or minor puppy class

17. The organizing committee to make Professional photo`s at least from each BOB winner to be published on the website of "INTERRA".

Photographs from other winners are also welcome.

18. It will be stimulating that on the occasion of the "INTERRA show" a symposium will be organized with the help of INTERRA board if required.

The following subjects of this symposium are suggested:

a. Health problems of Terriers.

b. Breeding Terriers.

c. Breed type of Terriers.

d. Other interesting subjects about Terriers.

It is advised that each country member always may organize a symposium, even without an INTERRA show.

19. After the show, the organization country of the "INTERRA show" must send, within two weeks, the results and photos, to the Show to the secretary of "INTERRA" and to the webmaster for publishing on the website.

20. The country who organizes the show will sign on the date of nomination a contract that the Interra member will accept these rules. A delegate of that country must be present on the General Assembly deciding about the organisation of the INTERRA shows. (cf. point 2.)